Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last Voucher

Hello pimples ;)

Finally I have used the final 1Malaysia voucher.
The last RM50 voucher.
I went to Popular bookstore at Sunway as that one is the nearest to my home.
Plus, you can get anything at that store by using the voucher.
Not like MPH, where you cannot buy notebook that are too creative in design, or any souvenirs like cups or encouragement words or even magazine !
But in Popular, you can buy almost everything !
So, I suggest you go find Popular if you want to spend your voucher.

This is what I spend for my last voucher.

- Seventeen magazine
- Test pad
- Note book
- My sis' exercises book, pen and note book
- Mechanical pencil 

Owh yaaa, while browsing around, I went to Brands Outlet (BO)
and got myself this lovely dark green bag. Oh my, I fall in love when I lay my eyes on it :D

That's all.
Wanna sleep. My legs hurt so much.

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