Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Project

Hello pimples ;)
Happy late Sunday.

For those who are studying in UiTM or any other college/universities, 
you guys must have known about any final project for completing your diploma/degrees right?

Mine was ICE 2012 (Islamic Communication Exhibition)
Which was a project for our last semester subject COM363 - Professional Project.

Every group for each class should come up with a topic regarding on the Islamic Communication or
anything related to Islamic or Communication.
Our group was about children and we came up with,

We choose TV9 as our source for completing our report. We choose this particular TV channel because we thought that this channel is very Islamic and suitable for our report. Even though, there were some speculations stated that this channel is NOT that Islamic. Well, I'm not going to say who, but she/he didn't give me any hard justifications to justified that. So, let's move on.

So on the 25th and 26th of February 2012 was the exact date that really get on my nerves.
As, it was very tiring. No, I'm not saying tiring like you walked for 5 km.
It's like you had climbed up the batu caves stairs and came back down. That kind of tiring.

Imagine the night before, we had to quickly set up our booth.
And that not just screwed our night, the manager of DP (Dataran Pahlawan) or the Hatten people kept on saying, "This cannot be here.", "You shouldn't do that.", "If you want to put a cloth on top of you're table, it should be this long." Mannnn, she really get on my freaking nerves !

On the next day, thank God. Everything went smoothly until the next day.
The event itself was superb! 
There were like games everywhere. My favs was Tini Colette's booths where they provided Wii Games and you can see all of them tried the games which was the dancing thingy-thingy. Haha.
Shake your booty XD

You know what, through the event itself, I made new friends. 
The booth next to us :D
Don, Abie, Mafel and Owh shiittttt ! I forgot the other guy name. Sorry -____-"
You see, somehow I love when this kind of things gave you new friends :D

So, I'm kinda lazy to brag more about the event itself.
Let's see some pictures.

 The front view of our booth.

Me, myself and I.
Owh yaaa, we HAVE to wear the corporate shirt for one whole day !
Even some lects said that we look like THE CLEANERS !

 Meet Mastura.

 The Lendu Legend, Adel.

 My groupmates with the lectures herself for our subject.
Mdm Dzaa Imaa.
From left, Bubu, Iwan, Alif, Mas, Me and Adel.

I bet you guys know him.
No? Oh my. Where are you from?
Remember the parody video of Moves Like Jagger?
The one with Lembu Nak Jaga.
Yup. He's the one in it XD
Nah, check him out here.

 2nd day. Tired.

Bamm and Adel.

 We have Wardina Safiyyah.
You have?
*Direct Translation of KAU ADA?*
 We also have Hael Husaini from Mentor.
Seriously, I don't even know him.
Sorry Hael :)

 The peeps from next door.

 Hael and his friends.

 Owh yess the one and only Siti Bubulina Natasha.
*No, that's NOT his real name.*

Ahh, guys XD

Here is the lecturer that handle the event.
Madam Faredah Hanem.

Well, that's all.
Bye :D

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