Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smile, Cliques, Firecrackers, Bombs

What I have known since the first time I've been n the UiTM.

Sem 1 : All of us were all that goody-goody stuff and sweet-talk thing. Smiles can be seen a mile away. Pictures were taken everytime break for lunch, hangouts or even while listening to the lecture's membebel.

Sem 2 : This is when cliques started to bloom like hot-fried-bananas. Her with him. Him with them. Them with me. Rich with rich. Poor with poor. Fun with stupid. Weirdo with brainiac. So whatever.

Sem 3 : Someone started to light the firecrackers and thrown them from here to there. Clashing all the titans in it. Bombs were falling from above for assignment's dateline. You MUST hand it ontime or you'll DIE. What a HELL of semester. Friends started to unmasked themselves and revealed little by little about themselves. One whole semester I had to live my life with hypocrit-ians. Sabar..sabar..lumrah hidupkn..

Sem 4, 5, 6 ? What would it be?

Can I survive? With these kind of people?

Ya Allah, Kau kuatkan la semangat hamba mu ni dalam mengharungi liku-liku hidup. Amin.

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