Sunday, October 31, 2010

Me with the clashing of FINALS.

Hey again! It's me. Miss me? No? Why? Why? :/

I recomend you should. Haha.

Ok, first of all, finals has already started. First paper was BEL means English. I took it in a big hall where it consits of 10 classes, if i'm not mistaken. The test was not like any ordianry test like there's multiple choices, subjectives or any simpler ques
tions. BUT, this is subjectives and ESSAY. A 300-to-400-types-of-essay. PERGH.

It would be easy if the question asked us to write anything, but this time it asked us to write an argumentative essay berpandukan two articles in front. Man, it was hard. I have to do a proper citation and reference at the end of the essay. It's MUE
T la kan.

So far, the paper, ok la. Bole jawab. Panas gk la punggung dok dalam 3 jam. Haha.

Let's move on to paper CTU plak means agama. After all the tiny-miney-cute-color-type of notes, studying morning till night with my so-called-teacher, ANIS FARHEEN, I did managed to answer the questions required. There were 5 questions and we need to choose 3 only.

Wanna see my notes?

Cute meh? Haha.

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