Monday, November 21, 2016

Off Ikea, The Owls Cafe and Fantastic Beasts

Hello everybody, wah wah it turns out I do have some readers reading my blog. Eherher. Ingatkan selalu tulis-tulis ni syok sendiri je. Haha. But nevermind. Thanks anywayy :)

So today, which is Sunday, I decided to go to Ikea to look for this one particular trolley called Rostikog (I think). Original planning of going to Ikea was with Cik Atul but last minute had to cancel due to work. Sedih kita. So backup plan is with Mr K.

Ikea Cheras was our decision instead of Damansara as it can be quite overwhelming over there. Nak nak plak weekend kan. Once reached there, sepantas mungkin kaki melangkah menyusuri selok belok Ikea untuk ke bahagian Kitchen yakni dapur.

I caught my eyes on the trolley and it stated "Rack 31, Section 19", wahh sama tempat tinggal. Haha. Drag Mr K all the way to the self-pickup aisle just to grab my hands on the BLUE trolley and sadly, the BLUE was sold out T_T and Mr K persuade me to have the brown one instead. And just incase you're wondering why I capslock the BLUE word, its because I really wanted the BLUE one. Drama much?

After paying out, initially we decided that we're going to have Kepci for late lunch but the smells of Ikea's meatballs made us change our minds. Well, it changed Mr K's first. Senang bawak makan ni. Haha.

You know when you have new shoes/sandals, there this rules where you have to bite the shoes/sandals first or THEY will bite you? Well this is basically what happened to me. Fyi, I DID bite these sandals when I first bought them, and today, they BIT me.

Painfull. I asked Mr K if I can borrow his slippers when we go for movies later that day. Imagine a size 6 like me wearing a size 10 slippers. All he can say was "Donald Duck".

Fantastic Beast was a really good movie though the main actor looked a lil bit nerdy and awkward. Really loving the storyline and all the fantastic beast like Dougal and the Buckbeak look-a-like. When they used words like "Alohamora", "Albus Dumbledore", "Muggle" really brings back memories of the 7-parts of Harry Potter. Ill give 4 out of 5 stars.

I'm really not a fan of coming home early so I asked Mr K of we could go somewhere for a cup or a bite of something. Then I remember this one cafe related to owls. Thus we head to The Owls Cafe at Bukit Jalil. We reached around 5 and they closed at 7pm.

Heard that they are famous for their waffles. So we choose Rebecca for our first bite. Fluffy flower-shaped waffles served with Earl Grey ice-cream (which Mr K was not really into it. Hehe. More for meee) and strawberries, blueberries and bananas accompanied with shredded coconut and almond flakes. The deco was alright, very clean and bright. Might just be coming again. So that's how my day went. How bout yours?

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