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PNB Ilham Resort, Port Dickson

The phrase "The best of both worlds" should be the nicknamed for PNB Ilham Resort where it is located on the border of Tanjung Tuan, which overlooks the beautiful Straits of Malacca with only 18 km from Port Dickson. Among the interesting features of the building PNB Ilham Resort can be seen in the architectural sculpture in which it highlights the traditional carvings of stone staircaseof Malacca and the beauty of Port Dickson's beaches. PNB Ilham Resort is not only open for guests' holiday session only, but it can also be used as a place for team building activities.

The fully architectural concept of the Malacca Sultanate infusing with the modern facilities, the image of the beautiful buildings will surely stick in your minds. Did you know, that this resort actually had been stood for almost 20 years? Once, it was only for the PNB Ilham staffs for team building purposes but now, after a high demands from local and foreigners, it is now open for public.

Recently on 12th and 13th of March, me and some of the media friends were invited to stay for two days one night at PNB Ilham Resort. The warmness can be seen from the smile that they gave as we reached at their doorstep. Adding with delicious orange juice to relieve our thirst. My eyes stop at the colourful glass windows where you can usually see at kampung houses. The decorations is more on wooden stuff like chairs and tables but to top if off, the throw and pillows used were very colourful that brings out the best on the wooden furniture.

By lunch time, we were served with traditional foods which was the specialities at PNB Ilham resort. Menu such as Kari Kambing Gearbox - which is the main dish that being served as it is the special menu by Chef Zam Zam. Continued by Ayam masak Asam Boi, Daging Dendeng, and some ulam-ulaman or salads that names and types are very rare to find in the city like Daun Burung Tenggek and Daun mamat.

The rooms given were apartments with 3-bedrooms complete with dining table, television, attached bathrooms, and good view balcony. Which surely makes you feel at home.As I mentioned earlier on team building activities, well here we managed to challenged ourselves on some of the activities like sea rafting, canopy walk, abselling and jungle tracking.

Sea rafting is a wet activities means it involves with water. Two teams consisting of 6 people were given the instruction to built a small raft by only using eight (8) PVC rods, four (4) rubber floats and ropes. after that, it is needed to use in the sea to collect a flag at about 1km from the beach, not only once, but twice ! Imagine the energy needed to paddle to the flag located.

Abseiling is basically going down from a height of  7th floor by using a safety rope. Trust me, it was not easy but as you go down, it was surely one hell of an experienced. Jungle tracking is located at the front of PNB Ilhan resort, which know as Taman Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan, where the famous Tanjung Tuan Light House is located at the top of the hill. You need to walk at about 800 metres inside to reach it. So, sound interesting enough? What are you waiting for? Pack up your stuff now and head down to PD this weekend !

Assistant Resident Manager, Encik Raja Azukri Raja Adam

Sea Rafting activity

In front of Taman Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan

The stone staircase inspired by the Malacca Sultanate

The top view of PNB Ilham Resort

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