Saturday, December 25, 2010

Anis Fariheen :P

First of all, the name above, belongs to my dearest friend which I've known from my first semester in UiTM Dihatiku *cewah cewah*

My first impression? She was a little bit ego, cranky, snob, all the negative you can think of. After some time, I try to blend in with her attitude, her hobbies, her way of thinking and saying out loud about her ideas which can be sometimes ridiculous. For example, she was the one who proposed to me to start selling foods for sahur during the fasting month. At first, I thought, how on earth we can sell those foods? Waktu malam plak tuh. Tak penat ker? So, like it or not, we try our luck on how does it fell to be like makcik yang jual makanan tiap2 malam, tiap2 hari.

Okay, back to first semester.

She likes to listen to music very loud eventhough some were distracted by it. But, she didn't care, because for her, it's her music and it is in her room. She liked it that way. Ko cakap la brape byk kali ngn Anis ni, dia xkan berubah. That what I like about her. She stick to herself on her own princip.

Sometimes I tried talking or open a conversation with her, man, it was hard back then. She would have this face saying, "Ko npe nk ckp ngn aku?". So, kna sabar la ngna dia.

First semester tak brape ckp sgt la ngn Anis.

But, naik je semester dua, we were a little bit closer than before but NOT as close as now. Sometimes we spend our time lunch together or even gossiping about little things, but, just for a while. If my room was empty and so does hers, I would sleep in her room and we would watch movies together. What I noticed untill now, since we have been always been left for weekends, ye lah, Tini, Amy n Chut suka balik tipa2 minggu, jd pasti kami aja yang berada di level. Because of this, kitorg jadi rapat.

By the end of semester two, we started to get closer and closer and closer. HAHAHA. We would study together for final and she would be my so-called-teacher for every subject. I am so thankful to her. Thanks ayyy lot, ANIS :)

Ok, semester tiga plak.

Time ni, memang dah konfem rapat la. Habis je klas, pasti ktorg lepak dlu kt blik, cerita apa2 jer, masalah ke, gosip ker. Then mkn lunch sama2. Shopping sme2. G makan cendol sme2. Igt x anis? Kte pusing2 cri cendol, mcm pe ntah, tambah ngan pakcik polis lg. OWH! OWH! OWH! Igt tak pasal saman-bagai tu? Ala, yang pakcik gelabah tu? HAHA. Itulah antara pengalaman and kenangan yang xdpt dilupakan dgn u. Gara2 nak g bundle sgt, HAHA -_-"

Tgh seronok cuti semester, tup tup, u get to go to fast track next semester. if you're not here with me in Malacca, who will accompany me for breakfast, lunch, dinner, shopping, studying? I know I can't hold you back, but, I'm surely gonna miss you ayyy lot :'(

Tu lah, we cannot judge a book by it's cover and we cannot judge people by their attitudes or appearance. Tgk2, aku kutuk2 ko, lekat gk kawan ngn ko. Aku syg ko lah.

Owh ya, sempena birthday anda ni, SELAMAT HARI JADI yang ke-19 :D
Baru nk 19 yer, org lain dah nk 20 dah -____-" *seperti diriku ini, huhu*

Moga2, kita kawan lama ye.

Anis Fariheen bt. Ismail

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