Friday, November 12, 2010


As far as I know, all of you have been to i-City, right?

I've heard about it. In my definition, i-City is a place full of colors and lights. It's just a big, wide place full of LIGHTS.

After all this months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, finally, I get to see this place called i-City.

Went there just now with Arep and her ex-gf ( I think. ) Nape la dia bawak orang lain. Baru je nak lepak2 ngan dia. Hmmmm.

The place was awesome! The dripping-like lights, was the one thing that mesmerized me as I reached there. It was sooo nice like I was in another place. Then we went on Icy Cold, a place kononnya nak buat macam kat North Pole gitu. Haha. Sejuk memang sejuk, tapi aircond lahh.

After then we took a walk around the gorgeous place. The trees were all made from electrical, fake flowers, lights. But, still, it was nice to be there. I felt a little bit relieved after being there. I mean, Ive been dying to be here, but there was nobody to ask to. Luckily, ada Arep. Tapi dia tak la selalu free.

Ni Arep n Neyna :)


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