Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jumping here and there

Just now, a dance group called SENCETRA did a live performance in front of the audience around 10.30am at DK hall , 2.30pm at library's roundabout and coming soon at 4.30pm located at BA stage.

They were wearing a black group t-shirt with long black pants. Some of them even wore colourful selendang around their waist for the traditional dances for the ladies. For guys, they only wore t-shirt and pants.

They had four types of dances namely : traditional, moden, creative and contemperary.

For now, I had already seen twice and I'm waiting for the last performance for today. Earlier, when they did the moden or creative dance ( I'm not sure which one ) it was awesome! For beginners like them ( beginners ke?! , just joking :D ) yeah, they did practice well. I was totally amazed by their routine.

The place were crowded with people and plus the hot weather, yeah, good place to do the dance performance. The dancers were like dancing on the hot tiles and imagine how their faces look like. Hehe. I think, there were like, "Man, bila lagu ni nak abes?!!" So funny.

So, while waiting for the 4.30pm performance, here I am stucked in the library. Nasib baiklah ada air-cond. kalau tak, ish tak tahulah.

I was happy enough knowing that i can use the internet to open facebook, so when I type in the url, it comes out like this--

"ACCESS DENIED ( Policy_Denied )
Your system policy has denied access to the requested url.
For assistance please contact your support team."

Blurrrrrrrrr -_________-"

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