Wednesday, December 10, 2008

what is prom night or prom?

do u guys really know the true meaning of prom night? this is what prom is. it's not just what they called wild party. it's nothing like that. it's just a dinner party plus dancing. so that everyone can have some fun. not 'the perfect people' only can join and organize it. supposed to be everyone is invited! come on guys. this is prom :)

In the United States and Canada a prom, short for promenade, is a semi-formal (black tie) dance held at the end of an academic year. In the United Kingdom, the term is more widely understood to be in reference to a season of classical concerts or "proms", which have been held between July and September since 1895, today run by the BBC. The British synonym for the North American event would be Leavers' Ball, Leavers' Dinner, Formal or informally Leavers' Do, closer to the Australian description, although in the UK, many schools have called the above events prom in imitation of the North American tradition. In Canada the terms Grad or Formal are most common and the event is usually only held for those in their graduating year of high school or middle school. While proms at smaller schools may hold a school prom open to the entire student body, large high schools may hold two proms, a junior prom for those finishing their 11th grade year and a senior prom for those who are finishing their high school years. When the junior and senior prom are combined, it is sometimes traditional to have the junior class plan and organize the prom. Proms are mostly attended by juniors and seniors, but some schools allow all classes to attend, usually requiring that one of the couple be an upperclassman. Boys usually dress in black tie (a dinner jacket and bow tie), sometimes with brightly colored cummerbunds or vests, though any sort of formal wear can be worn. Traditionally, girls give boys matching boutonnières to be worn on their tuxedos or waistcoats. Girls traditionally wear formal gowns or dresses adorned with a corsage given to them by their dates. A Prom King and Queen are high school students, generally seniors, who are elected to be traditional prom "royalty" at American and Canadian high schools. The honor is usually bestowed by fellow students casting votes and electing their king and queen from a set of nominated candidates called the Prom Court. In general, kings and queens are involved in a number of activities including sports, extracurricular clubs, class offices, and other activities that get them noticed by their peers, which can lead to many votes. Candidates may also campaign for the honor.

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