Friday, November 10, 2017

My first car - Perodua Bezza

Yes, Alhamdulillah, I managed to own me myself a car. A local one which I am so proud of to own one. But there is a story behind my purchase (well it was more of mummy and abah purchasing it) of my car.

Assalammualaikum, here how it goes.

I really wasn’t planning on buying a new car as I was still using Chevy & Rush at the time and alternate between both of it depending where am I going for that day. As Chevy has been with me from my diploma years, and before that was with my mum and before that originally it was my Aunt’s car. 

By the time Chevy is in my hand, it was already almost 10 years of usage, and one by one need to be repaired and change. It really slightly burnt a hole in my parents pocket. Yes, I’ve noticed it but just couldn’t help much back then as I was still studying.

So, Chevy is only use for short distance only and if I ever need to do some delivery I will switch to my mum’s Rush. 

After a while been switching and Abah’s Innove at that time was having slightly difficulty too, mummy feels that I need to atleast have my own car and a decent one atleast. When mummy said that, all I can think of was, “Can I even managed to pay monthly for the car? How about the services? The insurans? The roadrax?” So many things coming through my mind that time.

I might be underestimating myself, but that is just me being me. So after a few discussion and arguments (small arguments, haha, let’s not mention it), the car is signed, sealed, delivered. 

The only thing that I managed to choose was the colour of the car, as Mummy choose the type of the car which is Bezza, and the extra parts and accessories. I wanted MyVi at first because of the compact size but knowing mummy knows best, She chooses Bezza for me so that I can bring all my baking supplies, my big boxes of baking easily in big-ass boot.

So here I am, being grateful for the car that already has been with me for at least 5 months now and Alhamdulillah, I have enough rezeki, more actually, as I can pay monthly and services for my car, and also being grateful to Mummy and Abah for the support. 

May the car stay with me long enough till I am rich and able to pay more for the monthly commitments. Aminn aminn.

Much love,

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