Sunday, August 02, 2015

Cake Jalan Tiung, Seksyen 9, Shah Alam

Knowing the name Cake Jalan Tiung, I bet some of them already known about their existence back in Bukit Robinson. By that time their famous bake was Red Velvet cake and Root Beer cupcakes. Now, they have been experimenting with lots of new flavour and invention. Look at all the pictures in their instagram. Surely will make all of the followers drooling from just looking at it.

Situated above of Ani Sup Utara at seksyen 9, Shah Alam, is just a perfect spot for cakes eatery. Do come early to get a seat for you and your bae (ehem).

Walking in you'll be welcome by the friendly crew of CJT and you can asked them for suggestions on which would you indulge.

The one that caught my eyes first was their Christiung Applegate. Yup that is what its name. An apple cake with hints of cinnamon, cream cheese and top with walnut. Its very delicious.

Cristiung Applegate (RM12)
Chilli Flakes Brownies (RM4)

This is not your typical brownies, when you taste it, you can detect a hint of spice afterwards. This is what they called as Chilli Flakes Brownies. Or what I would call it. Hehe.

Have you ever had Coconut and gula melaka marshmallow? Nope? Too bad. Hehe. I got first hand on it during ramadhan last month, and quite surprised with it because who would make coconut marshmallow right? But, its worth trying. After a few bite then will you get the taste of the gula melaka.

Coconut + Gula melaka marshmallow (RM4)
Picture from their instagram.

CJT is really famous with inventing and experimenting with new recipes. Latest in the family is, which will be my favourite, will be The Taufeefah cake. Tofu + coconut, top with pomegranate seeds and drizzle with gula melaka syrup. Smooth on cut and taste awesome.

Taufeefah cake (RM10)

Or maybe if you feel a lil bit down and craving for some childhood treats, ask for their Tiung Mess. A bowl of goodness (in terms of sweet-tooth) consists of crumble choc cakes, chocolate meringue, fruits, chocolate biscuits and a small shot of cold milk. Basically its like cereal. Hehe.

Tiung Mess (RM10)

Owh don't forget their everyday freshly press juices! Different juices everyday.

Watermelon + pineapple (RM10)

Watermelon + Beetroot (RM10)

Cool interior with the blue, yellow and white birds origami floating by the counter and furnitures from LAIN & Fine Grit Studio.

No more words can describe. Please drop by to CJT soon!

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