Friday, August 15, 2014

Refreshing Spring Resort, Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor

When you say about Hulu Selangor, you'll be imagined about the coldness of the Kalumpang River flowing between the rocks and green trees around you. Did you know there are other privileges than Kalumpang River,which is a place called Refreshing Spring Resort.

Situated in Kalumpang, with only one hour journey from Kuala Lumpur, the resort is a heaven for those who want a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Built in the garden of tropical fruits, when fruiting season arrived, visitors can enjoy the experience of picking the fruits straight from the tree!

Just a fountain in the middle.

The road or pathway to Sungai Inki.

This place is flooded with Durian trees.

A place to hangout. No handphones please.

I like this one.

The property is also located close to the Inki river that flows facing with the rooms available. Set foot in the river while enjoying the chirping of birds certainly can soothe anyone who stay at the resort. For those who want a little variety, in the evening, visitors can try out for a dip in the hot springs located at the front of the property. Soaking in hot tubs can help in healing and rejuvenation while deepen your body, mind and spirit. Soaking in hot refreshing spring in the evening would definitely spell F-U-N !. There is also a paintball activities provided by the management of this resort for those seeking some adventure. I know I am ! My first ever game of paintball.

Another shot on the river.

River? Yes ! Let's go !

Well, hello there. Do come in. The water's great!

Jeremy giving a brief introduction about the game.

A strict co-worker who is trying to explain the rules & regulations and couldn't take a joke. Take a chill pill.

My first ever of this game! Seriously heart-pumping.

As the day turns into dusk, it is time for..

Hot spring bebeh !

Different variants like studio accommodation, chalet, twin bunker, and dormitories as well as a conference hall that can be adapted to follow the requirements of the visitors. The building's design is unique  and casually designed for visitors who attend in groups of different sizes. The one thing about Refreshing Spring Resort is, visitors must pre-book at their website to stay here because Walk-in not advisable. Furthermore they prefer visitors of capacity of more than 10 people as the basis of this resort is team-building.

This is where we stayed. I think this one is the twin bunker.

just a small place. Really small. No TV.

Other rooms available.

Loving the architecture.

Don't worry. There is a playground for little kids to play.

You know what, since cars are not allowed to bring inside. They will transport you from the main gate with this truck. Cool huh? Enjoying the view and smell those durianssss. Hehe.

For more information:
Refreshing Spring Resort,
PT 4049, Mukim Sungai Gumut,
Kampung Gumut Tambahan,
44100 Kalumpang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6012 5988 544

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