Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jar of Hearts

Love, a universal word where everyone have their own translation on what LOVE is. Love can be to your parents, or maybe your friends. But some cherish their love towards their pets and plants. Okay, now I sound like a not-so-history teacher.

The reason is, just now I saw a couple of kids age about 3 to 4 years maybe, holding hands while walking down the road. Ain't it cute? For kids who doesn't really know anything tend to be an 'awwww' moment for me. Kids are the one who doesn't know what LOVE is in terms of what we KNOW. Basically all they know is 'I LIKE YOU' and 'YOU LIKE ME'. Not like us, holding-hands-luvvy-dubey-kiss-on-the-cheek kind of LOVE.

Kids will be like, holding hands and being so embarrass all of the sudden. Even though parents saw it, they will be just like, "Alaaahhh biarlah budak-budak. Bukannya tau apa pun." You know somehow I just wish that Love is like that. Not always have to be the 18SX kind of a thing.

Love can be express in many ways.

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