Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday was Saturday.

I was a little bit bored since most of my friends went home. So, I decided to ask my friends at Tun Puteri to go outing with me. They think and think and finally they said yes :)

We rent a car which in my surprise was a Honda Accord ( I think ? ) Who drove you asked? ME! haha. Since them didn't have the license to drive yet. Thank god, I can drive.

We depart and went to the petrol station to fill the tank. At the petrol station, something happened, which I couldn't find the thing to open the tank door. The conversation went like this :

Me : "Iema, isi rm20 k?"
Iema : "ok."
Worker 1 : "Adik, buka penutupnya."
Me : (while searching) *eh, mne penutupnya?!?!* "Abg, xjumpa pown."
Worker 1 : "Kan ada tepi tu."
Me : "Mana?"
Worker 2 : "xkan xjumpe kowt?" ( he bend down as I opened the door)

I lift up my bag, and there it was! We both laugh stupidly.

Worker 2 : "Ha, tu ada."

Man, am I ashamed of myself. Maybe because I as too nervous that I had forgot the simple things. All of us in that car laugh like crazy!

We drove until we reached MP, we search for parking which was a little bit far from the complex because we didin't want to waste money on auto-pay or coupon. So we went on per-entry parking.

As we reached the MP, al of us wanted to withdraw some ka-ching! Lulu, me and Ama was done. By the time Iema wanted to withdraw hers, the safeguard securicor came and I say they didn't do their work efficiently. The were so damn slow! Come on-lah, people dah waiting kowt! Sigh.

Iema gave up, so we went to McD to have our lunch. It was tooooo loooong since I had my last McD. The burger was scrumptious :D

We headed off to DP after lunch to watch movie, but the timing was not so okay. So, we drove back to Melaka Sentral because Lulu needed to but some cloth for her Raya baju kurung.

After about one hour in Nagoya tekstil, Iema wanted to see the Sunset, so, I drove them to Pantai Klebang and bought a lot of young tau fu and rojak buah to eat at the beach.

By night, we went back to the UiTM. It was a splendid outing for me. I never had a this happiest moments with friends :D Thanks ayyy looottttt guys :D

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