Friday, September 26, 2008

mia friends <3

I have so many friends. But the best friends I have ever had are ; Shila,Leeya,Lily,Aina. They are the best! They love to laugh like they owned the world :D Gossipping about anyting like almost everyday! Almost about everybody. Haha. They are beautiful and sweet. Yup! Thats right. But sometimes they can be a little bit moody. So what? Humans do have feelings.

Shila ; What can i say? She is genius,smart n brilliant. Leyaa ; Let say if i do not know her,she must be a quiet girl. But after knowing her. Omg! She is talkative and funny. Aina ; She is nice,cute and friendly. She love to indulge herself in english activities and society. Lily ; She's also talkative. She's the kind girl who knows everything before everybody knows. She loves gossipping.

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