Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chocolate Museum, Kota Damansara

For the love of chocolate. (My laptop is back, thus I'll be flooding my blog with stories!)

If you're a fan of chocolates, why not try to visit the first Chocolate Museum in Southeast Asia!

Located in the heart of the industrial zone in Kota Damansara, Chocolate Museum was built by DR Group Holdings Sdn Bhd on a 1.8ha area. Although the number of visitors has reached 50,000 visitors since January 2012 recently on January 16, 2014, the opening of the museum was formally implemented by the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. DR Group Holdings is also a producer of a local chocolate brand known as Danson, Fidani and Millton.

The museum is divided into several parts - Journey of Chocolates, tells the history of the journey of chocolate from cocoa beans from as early as 1500 BC. Father of Chocolate, featuring a Swiss pioneer in the manufacture of chocolate. Health Benefits of Chocolates, will tell visitors about the benefits and advantages of eating chocolate for health, Chocolate in the Industry, shared about the scale of the chocolate confectionery industry, the Chocolate Kitchen will demonstrate chocolate making demos for visitors who come to the museum and the Chocolate Galleria, a shop selling all kinds of famous brand of chocolate with as little as 30% - 50% cheaper than at the supermarket chocolate. Part of the museum is filled with maps, illustrations and interactive displays to improve the experience for visitors.

Mr Hj Arshad Desa (DR Group Holding) giving us a brief information about the museum.

Our tour guide. Cheeky huh?

What you will see first.

The journey begin.

According to one of the staff at the Chocolate Museum, Mr. Mohd Yazid Hassan, for visitors who are present, there is chocolate making demo at 12.00 noon and at 3:00 pm to see how chocolate is made in this museum. Chocolate manufacturing process is done every day in this museum to preserve the freshness of the chocolate for sale. This is the chance for you chocolate lover to enjoy the making of your scrumptious delicacies of sweetness.

Mr Mohd Yazid in the making of chocolate process.

The finished product. I must say, it taste delish !

The Chocolate Galleria for you sweet tooths.

Don't know which one to choose right?

Do you know with just additional of RM200, you and your family can enjoy making a house or any invention using chocolates provided by the people at the museum? YES ! Now you can show your hidden talent of being an architecture. Haha.

My group and obviously we did not win. Haha

Something different. Instead of houses, they make cemetery. Chocolate creepy cemetery.

Celebrating an early Christmas anyone?

A decent home with a cute garden and bench.

The winner of all ! From the MDHS people. 

Outstanding piece of creation. I think they won 2nd place. I think.

For hardcore fans of sweet chocolate, do not waste your time and continue to visit this museum and ready to spend to meet the desires of these fine handmade chocolates !

DR Group Holdins Sdn Bhd
No 2, Jalan Teknologi 3/5,
Selangor Science Park 1,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +60374904260

Thanks to Gaya Travel and Tourism Malaysia for the "Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1 Malaysia Selangor"

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