Thursday, November 09, 2017

Writers block

As simple as the title.

Assalammualaikum everyone. How is your day today? I’m currently at Perodua service centre for my 10,000km service. This will be my second service soon after I got my car and this will be my first investment paying the services (my own money, not Abah’s or Mummy’s) other than monthly commitment on it. 

I was hoping that the bill wouldn’t be exceeding RM200, but it turns out the total had an extra of RM63.81 šŸ˜… lucky I bought extra cash as the online system was down and I couldn’t swipe me debit card. 

My mum always told me to try to pay attention on what I’m paying so while I was sitting infront of the person-in-charge, I ask all about what am I paying for.

So she told me that I have to change the oil filter, minyak hitam, aircond filter and I choose to do the alignment for the tyres. Since I now how I drive and the closest to me know how I drives, yup, I need that alignment service.

Now, here I am at the lobby, waiting for the car to be finished at approximately 11am. Another one hour to go. Then I’m off to buy some baking supplies.

Much love,

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